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The KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission, in partnership with the City of Huntington, has developed a Downtown Huntington accessibility and mobility study for the central business district.  This effort of evaluating the downtown urban setting included parking, streetscaping, urban street system plans, bicycle and pedestrian strategies, land use and development planning, and transit plans.

The Downtown Huntington Access Study planning process was transparent and open to the general public. From the stakeholder process to the public outreach meetings and design charrette, the citizens of the City of Huntington and Cabell County were given the opportunity to provide input on the outcome of the study from the initial planning phase to the final recommendations. This open process allowed the project Steering Committee and consultant team to develop a plan that is based on the desires of the community and supported through the implementation process.

The final Downtown Huntington Access Study may be viewed here.

This project was conducted concurrently with the KYOVA 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.


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